Reason to Avoid Sugar LED G4 Light Suppliers4 Sugar Raises Your Cholesterol Having high cholesterol can lead to a heart attack. It's a scientific fact that Sugar is bad for you. So if you're trying to live a healthy and attractive lifestyle, you may want to put that piece of cake down the next the craving hits for the safe of your health. . Too much sugar speeds up your heart rate and makes it difficult for your body to relax and your mind to clear itself.Here's a fact for you. Particularly, that very unattractive scar running down the front of your chest. Reason to Avoid Sugar #2 Sugar Can Cause Diabetes Your body already makes enough insulin for your body to live optimally, but when you add more sugar into your system, which gets transformed into insulin, your body has to speed up to process it.
 If you're not willing to completely forego sugar, then at least make sure and avoid eating it a few hours before bedtime. When you're not slim you're unhealthy and unattractive, and thus, are eating too much sugar, among other things. However, too much of a good thing can be bad and lead to the problems listed up above, as well as many, many others not mentioned. It is oftentimes the simple reason why most children are struggling at school. Part of being both is to be slim. In addition, the toll that open heart surgery takes on your body will follow you to the end of your life. But if they eat too much sugar, it may just be a matter of cutting back and allowing your body to burn off the water retention that can arise from eating too much sugar. Reason to Avoid Sugar #3 Sugar Causes Weight Gain This reason is here because it is obviously detrimental to living a healthy and attractive lifestyle. Reason to Avoid Sugar #6 Sugar Increases Water Retention For most people it is that pesky last five or 10 pounds that they find is the hardest to burn from their body.
 Reason to Avoid Sugar #5 Sugar Makes it Hard to Sleep If you want to be attractive, as well as healthy, you have to get your beauty sleep. Reason to Avoid Sugar #7 Sugar Makes it Hard to Think Clearly Sugar has been scientifically proven to interfere with # waves in the brain, making it harder to concentrate for long periods of time, as well as learn. Reason to Avoid Sugar #1 Sugar Suppresses Your Immune System Part of being healthy and attractive is not being sick. Having a heart attack is unhealthy. When you eat a lot of sugar it suppresses your immune system, which makes you more prone to bacteria and viruses. Everyone enjoys a sugary snack on occasion. Did you know that Americans consume an average of three pounds of sugar per week? Maybe you're thinking you don't because you don't eat candy; however, sugar is present in more foods than just candy; foods such as peanut butter, mayonnaise, bread, especially white bread, and ketchup. Sugar is bad for you for the following reasons. Over time your body wears down from doing this and you develop diabetes, and thus, join the ranks of millions of other unhealthy people. It can be a good thing sometimes.